Snake Fence Installation: Timeless Fountain Hills Property with Dog Run

Our clients recently purchased an incredible property in Fountain Hills, which as you can see is right in the middle of the the McDowell Mountains. During our initial inspection, they were informed that their specific lot is located in a known rattlesnake habitat. They decided that they would like to protect both themselves and their grandchildren who would visit fairly frequently. This project included securing view fencing and gates for both their back yard and dog run.

In addition to the breathtaking views and very well manicured back yard, there were a few unique factors to consider during the installation of this property.

  1. The horizontal bars on the view fence were too thin to use screws, so we used thin galvanized wire to secure the hardware cloth to the fence. While this is admittedly not ideal, it is a very suitable solution when our primary methods cannot be applied. We prefer to use galvanized self tapping screws, as it provides a more secure fit.

  2. The gates were fabricated in a way that meant we were able to use a minimal amount of material to secure them. As you can see, the gaps in the gates are just about 1/4”, which is the maximum allowable gap size we allow in the secured area. While we stand by the aesthetic quality of a fully completed gate (usually with mesh attached), its nice to have a minimal amount of hardware on each gate as it will maintain more of the original aesthetic of the gate.

The property is very well maintained, a crucial factor in deterring rattlesnakes from taking residence near and around the property. We recommend that for optimal safety (in areas that are not secured) that bushes either be cleared completely, or trimmed in a way where you can see the ground. This will reduce the likelihood that a snake will want to take shelter on or near your property.

We are very pleased to provide protection and peace of mind to yet another new homeowner.