New Yorkers Re-locate to Scottsdale… Install Rattlesnake Prevention 1st Thing!

After living in the big city, this Scottsdale couple is excited to own a beautiful home in the desert. During their first week, they decided to invest in Rattlesnake Fencing in order to protect their dogs, family, and give them peace of mind while enjoying their newly remodeled back yard.

What to notice about this property:

  1. Citrus trees are a welcome addition to any home (as long as you are ok with the clean up). However fallen citrus will attract rodents (primarily roof rats) which will attract rattlesnakes. In this case, multiple citrus trees means this yard will be a significant attractor for rodents who come to feed on the fallen citrus. Now that their snake fence has been installed, Rattlesnakes will not be a problem, however we recommend keeping the fallen fruit as clear as possible to minimize the chance of roof rats from invading the property.

  2. We ran into a situation which highlights both the importance of keeping the yard clean from potential Rattlesnake homes, as well as a thorough inspection for snakes once we are finished with the installation. In this case, a pile of roof tiles was hiding a happy little gopher snake, which our installer found doing the inspection. If it were another provider doing the installation (quality of workmanship and materials aside) they may not have the expertise or protocol to check for snakes. If this was not done, this snake would have been trapped in the yard indefinitely. We would not want this if it were a rattlesnake. Further, this is a perfect example of why we recommend keeping the property (especially the outside perimeter) clear of debris, wood piles, old boxes, etc as they are great hiding places for snakes.

  3. We often receive questions about the visibility of the hardware cloth, which you can see is hardly noticeable from the back porch. Because we install the material on the rear of the view fence, it is largely hidden. On this property, the desert landscape in the background also helps to make the materials less visible.

Overall this installation turned out great and we are happy to protect another family.

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